It is our privelage to have an opportunity to change lives of kids with disabilities and special needs by teaching them on how to get started in IT world.

We teach over 20 kids randing from 11 to 23 years of age. Students include kids with autism, ADHD, physical disabilities or special needs. 

We encourage all students to give it a try beliving that if they have impairments on some areas, some have advantages such as abilitiy to focus on some tasks. We currently have 2 instructors helping them grasp the good understanding of the materials.

Our goal

The goal of our visit was to make sure children with special needs get the same opportunities as others in the field of IT.

On our first on-site class, we taught basics of programming and we were amazed how everyone was listening, some even taking detailed notes. For people with hearing impairments, we prepared detailed presentation materials.

We dedicate significant amount of our company resources to prepare online courses in programming and having instructors ready to answer all of their questions.

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